Mission Statement and Belief Statements

Dr. Kilver

Superintendent's Message

Dr. Carol L. Kilver, Superintendent

Serving students in the Pikeland School District is very rewarding. Daily, I count my blessings for this opportunity! The climate and culture of Pikeland is built on heritage, character, work ethic and manners. On a regular basis, someone outside of the school district comments on one or all of these very visible traits present in the Pikeland students and staff. These recognized traits are a reflection of both the school, parents and caregivers, and community.

As you navigate the district and school websites, please reach out to the Board Office (217-285-2147) if you have questions or wish to request additional clarity on presented information.


Dr. Carol L. Kilver

Mission Statement

Pikeland will provide resources and create a positive learning environment allowing all students the opportunity to reach their full potential.

Belief Statements

Pikeland believes...

Public Education exists to support the foundation of productive citizenship.

Education and literacy are a shared responsibility between students, families, staff and the community.

High academic and social expectations create a rigorous and healthy learning environment.

Engagement of the community increases when unique student and family dynamics are embraced.

Fiscal responsibility includes investing in students, staff, programming and facilities.

Learning environments must value the uniqueness of motivation, determination, and positive mindset.

Individuals are ultimately responsible for investing in their growth and potential.