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June 11, 2020 at 11:24 AM
Author: Athletic Director

Summer Conditioning Schedule

Athletic Director June 11, 2020 at 11:06 AM Author: Athletic Director

Summer Conditioning Schedule

Attention 2020-2021 PHS athletes, summer conditioning workouts will begin Monday, June 15th.  We will offer three different sessions that athletes can be signed up for.  The schedule is as follows: 

AM Session - Monday, Wednesday, Thursday  - 8:00-9:30 AM 

Dropoff/Arrival Time:  7:45-7:55 AM Pick Up/Leave Time 9:35-9:45 AM

Please contact one of the following coaches to be signed up for a group:  Coach Singler- asingler@pikeland.org,  Coach Willard mwillard@pikeland.org. 

PM Session - Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday -  

The PM session will be split into two different sessions.  

Session 1:  5:00-6:30 PM 

Session 2: 6:30-7:00  PM 

Evening coaches will share the drop off times once contact is made.

Please contact one of the following coaches to be signed up for a group:  Coach Petty ppetty@pikeland.org  or Coach Cook jacook@mail.bradley.edu .  

Fall athletes are encouraged to attend one of the evening sessions, but all three time slots are available for any of our PHS athletes.  

Drop Off /Pick up Zones:  We will have designated entry points that we will utilize to allow athletes to enter at the closest location to their starting station.  This will help decrease the number of student-athletes in close proximity when entering the facility.   ONLY ATHLETES ATTENDING THE SESSION ARE ALLOWED OUTSIDE THE VEHICLES. The coach you contacted will let you know which area you will be dropped off at. 

Additional Rules 

All participants are required to bring a mask with them, but will only need to wear it if you are unable to social distance (at least 6 ft. away) or are inside the building.

Coaches will let athletes know when they can exit their vehicles upon arrival

No congregating during enter and exiting (Keep Moving)

PHS Football/Track Bathrooms will not be available except for emergency 

Individual water bottles only (No Sharing)

No bags, Personal Equipment, or Cell Phones Allowed.  If a student that walks or rides a bike has a cell phone, they will be asked to place them in the track equipment room when they arrive to the facility -PIKELAND UNIT 10 IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY LOST OR STOLEN ITEMS.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  A participation waiver must be filled out and signed by a parent or legal guardian before an athlete is permitted to participate in  summer conditioning.   Coaches will have these forms available for students or the form can be accessed and downloaded here: https://core-docs.s3.amazonaws...  Athletes will be screened for temperatures and COVID symptoms each day.