Dear Pikeland families and caregivers,

This past week has been a whirlwind.  As most of you know CDC, IDPH and ISBE released guidance to schools on July 9, 2021.   Administrators and board members have spent this past week gathering as much information and clarity as possible.   Many of you wait patiently for this information to move in a direction allowing you to prepare emotionally and logistically for the 2021-2022 school year.

The Pikeland School Board members have been reviewing the proposed Return to Learn Plan and will gather on July 21st to collectively bring their individual thoughts to one place for open discussion.

  As the group discusses plans for the next year there are a couple of things to consider:

  • Pacing a decision demonstrates wisdom and reflection on behalf of the board members and administrators.
  • The past 18 months have been an ever-changing environment and additional changes may roll out next week. Everyone should prepare for changes to roll-out even after a decision has been made.
  • Schools with smaller populations may be able to announce sooner because the variables in their setting are fewer. Each school day Pikeland brings about 1400 people to the same location for extended periods of time (8 hours+).  This is a unique responsibility for the school district.

The Pikeland Board of Education will not make a final decision on the re-opening plan during the July 21st board meeting.  It is anticipated the board will schedule a special meeting during the week of July 26th to vote on a final plan.

As you stay connected with the school district during the coming days, please keep a couple of things in mind as you prepare to use the information in your own homes and world.

  • The plan will be written and deployed to take into consideration about 1200 students and 250 employees. 
  • The plan will most likely not be perfect for everyone or anyone.
  • Regardless of your position on the pandemic, the exit plan taking the school setting back to a sense of normalcy could be a significant challenge.
  • It is important to model for students the respect needed to move through these types of issues.




Dr. Carol L. Kilver