Pikeland 8th-9th Grade Transition Process 2022 five step chart. 1 Preview Day, 2. Classroom presentation, 3 Parent Student Info Night, 4 Summer Orientation Sessions, 5 Registration

Pikeland is pleased to announce an exciting new opportunity for 8th graders to jump-start their high school orientation experience. 

Libby Boren, the new College & Career Transition Specialist at Pikeland, will be working with 8th graders to help support their transition to high school. 

During the months of April and May, Pikeland will offer PHS Preview Days for 8th grade students completing the application and goal-setting steps of the programming.  This opportunity will promote  8th graders previewing Pittsfield High School before orientation and guidance meetings. During a Preview Day, 8th grade students will tour the high school in small groups during a school day. They will eat lunch in the cafeteria, meet high school staff, and develop personal goals for high school success. The goal of the programming is to provide an interactive experience, where students generate questions about high school, find answers, and share what they have learned with you, their parents. 

 Applications/permission slips  are due back  on March 21. 

 Students can find Mrs. Boren in Room D129 on Mondays and Wednesdays. Questions and requests for additional information can be emailed to Mrs. Boren at lboren@pikeland.org.

What:    PHS Preview Day

Who:      Any 8th grader

Where: PCS (students will meet to set goals for their high school transition) and 

                   PHS (students will walk to PHS in small groups for tours, lunch, and discussion)

How:      8th graders fill out short application and complete pre-tour activities

When:     Apply by March 21. Tours will be scheduled for April